Monday, August 22, 2005


but what if the course is wrong?


what if continuing just causes more soldiers to die without any positive result?


what is the mission?


i thought you said there were weapons of mass destruction and we were about to be attacked by Iraq.


well, if you cure the cancer but die from the chemotherapy, are you better off?



so if you need to go west and you find out you've spent 2 weeks driving east, you don't turn around?

HUH? ER!!!!


A TV station in Salt Lake City is refusing to air a commercial featuring anti-war mother, Cindy Sheehan. Well, why are we in Iraq? Now that it's no longer for the non-existent WMDs, it seems it's to create a democratic state to help stabilize the Middle East.
And now one of the mothers of a killed soldier in Iraq, Cindy Sheehan, is speaking out about how our leaders knew there were no WMDs before attacking Iraq. She's saying to whomever will listen that her son, Casey, didn't die for a "noble cause" and wants to know from the President what noble cause he keeps speaking about.

Free speech is one of the major components of the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. If the United States is fighting to bring democracy to Iraq, then we need to make darn sure we are enforcing that here. For Salt Lake City to not be "an appropriate" venue for an anti-war commercial is ludicrous. Isn't Utah still a part of the United States?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Okay, tonight (8/21/05) CNN is doing a report on how the information about WMD in Iraq was WRONG. And yesterday, Colonel Larry Wilkerson, assistant to Colin Powell had said that the report to the UN was "the lowest point in my life." The lowest point! But Powell was following orders, right? The good General was doing as he'd always done, follow orders. The case for attacking Iraq was falling apart, but who was going to stop it?

Well, there was Richard Clarke. As the counter-terrorism advisor, he was sent out by Bush to link 9/11 to Iraq. He couldn't, and when he reported back to Bush, he was told to try harder. Try harder! The determination to attack Iraq was set and there was no turning it around.

Joe Wilson went to Niger to check out if there any truth about aluminum tubes going to Iraq to produce WMD. Nope, and he wrote about it in an editorial. What happened? The White House, most likely "Bush's Brain," Karl Rove, outed a CIA operative, Joe Wilson's wife! A treasonous offense.

Bush had said he would fire anyone who had outed a CIA operative. Has Rove been fired? Has Bush distanced himself from Rove? No.

Former Commerce Secretary, Paul O'Neill stated that going to war with Iraq was spoken about in the first weeks of the administration. The Clinton Administration had been discussing Osama bin Laden four or five days a week and the Bush camp was told about his threat to the U.S. But Bush ignored him. Condoleeza Rice even ignored the document in August, 2001, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike In U.S."

There are truths about this administration that need to come out, not just on blogs or or cable TV or small articles within newspapers. The truth about all the lies, deception, smearing, need to be on the front pages of newspapers need to continue to be followed up. ABC, NBC, and CBS need to be responsible and report the truth. Oh yeah, and Fox News.

Most people don't even realize that Al Gore won Florida in the 2000 election. Apparently that was another story killed in order to not complicate things at a "time of war."

If we are going to fight for democracy in Iraq, let's make sure we have it in America.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Last night I wondered how many people would show up in Beaverton. When I signed up, I was the 14th person for the event at that location. I know many people are increasingly disgusted with the war in Iraq, but I found myself telling many people about Cindy Sheehan. They'd either not heard of her or just sort of heard about a woman wanting to talk to Bush. I imagine many people have given up on watching the news or perhaps their work hours inhibit them from following events as closely as news maniacs like myself.

When I arrived at 7 p.m., there was a scattering of people lingering around the war memorial in Beaverton. People stood around, some quiet, some engaging in conversations with others. I took the opportunity to ask a couple dozen people if they believed Bush was wired during the first debate with John Kerry. Several hands went up, yet there were a few puzzled faces, leading me to think that some had never heard about that controversary, thanks perhaps (and probably) to our news media these days.

As it approached 7:30, people began to get in a circle, a huge circle. I was surprised as to how the crowd had increased over a short time. Able to view people in a single-file circle, I estimated some 250 supporters. I was thrilled.

The crowd was quiet for the most part, respectful, and diverve. All age groups were represented, with more people over 60 than I would have expected. I saw two woman sitting on a bench, holding their candles, and I clicked a photo of them. Those reports that most of the Cindy Sheehan supporters are the "usual" protesters, the "far left," is simply the rhetoric of those who are frightened that they are wrong, that everything they've believed in is wrong, and that perhaps they know loved ones who have died for no noble cause, but for the oil thirst of possibly the worst Administration in our history.

A spattering of "All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace a Chance." But I wanted to chant other words, perhaps words like "Take a Bike Ride with Cindy." "Go for a Walk with Cindy."

For a President who was AWOL in his own service time, and to send others to war based on lies for his own reasons, is nothing short of immoral. More and more people are realizing that. Thank God for Cindy Sheehan. God knows our elected officials couldn't do, or would be willing to do, what she has.
And so Casey Sheehan's death has not been without purpose. It appears Casey died to bring overwhelming grief to a mother who would not suffer in silence, but would dare question a President about a war that killed her son.

I've been inspired with seeing first hand, one person lighting a match that no one else has been able to do regarding this war. So how fitting it was to light candles last night to show our solidarity with Cindy Sheehan, for her courage to stand up to the President and to speak her mind without fear of what is said about her.